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What can an expert for laser safety do for you?

The risk analysis, as it is statutorily regulated in Appendix E of DIN 60825-4, is visualized in the following diagram. It systematizes a laser plant in groups which have to be accurately examined.

With a click on a group you receive further information:

The risk analysis evaluates a laser protection plant in compliance with all relevant standards and laws. It forms the basis for the manufacturer's certification and conformity explanation (CE marking) of laser cabins by the manufacturer.

  • machine guidelines 2006/42 EG 1.5.12
  • Laser standard DIN EN 60825-1, DIN 60825-2, DIN 60825-4 and DIN 60825-4 with Annex D and E
  • ISO 11553
  • Laser Guard Classification

The analysis establishes the FEL Values in the laser area and classifies in protection times T1 up to T3.